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Well Hello There!

It's hard to describe yourself in a way that comes off genuine and honest and I really struggled to do that. I sent out a survey to the people I have worked with for the past few years, and here's what they had to say about me. I think they said it better than I could have.


“[Dinma is] always quick to say "I'll get it done" and you never doubt her when she says it. Extremely reliable and timely. Willing to handle the smaller things no one else wants to do… and do it promptly. Never too serious when it comes to tone, but takes the work seriously; this allows for a fun, casual, flexible, and hard-working environment that's been responsible for some of the best work I've done at Brandcenter.”


“[Dinma] brings the energy that sets the precedent of the project(s) we've worked on. You actually give a shit to contribute to a project in order to put your name on it.”


“Dinma is the person you send in when you need your team to get shit done”


“Dinma does great research and brings a lot of ideas to the table. She effectively communicates and has a get-it-done attitude.”


“Dinma is a natural pacesetter. Her willingness to build things from the ground up makes her a blessing for anyone to work with. She is always a voice of reason even when it's not convenient or easy. Most importantly, Dinma lights up any room that she enters. She makes those around her feel seen and valued at all times." 

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